Real Estate Mexico: Sell Older Properties to buy New, Relevant Ones

By | June 18, 2017

My grandfather expired two years ago, leaving his property in the hands of his daughters. My mother is the youngest of the clan inherited a house located in another state. None of us had even heard about the property until our family lawyer read out the will aloud. My mother was a full-time working woman, who could barely spend time with us, let alone go to a distant land for monitoring a property. She placed the matter before my father, who considered all the difficulties of maintaining the property, suggested that she should sell it. He asked her to contact a real estate Mexico consultant to initiate the selling process.

real estate Mexico consultant

She took me along to visit the consultant. The agent suggested that we visited the property first to witness its condition among other things. He told us that meanwhile, he would make arrangements for a thorough market study of the area. The location was not well known, which was a challenge when it came to market research. I asked my mother if we could keep the research on hold until we canvassed the property to come to a decision. For the first time in my life, I heard my mother calling me ‘wise’! Chin up with confidence, I declared that I would accompany her to the far-off destination to see the house.

It took two days of continuous traveling to reach the place, which was a harbor port. The house was further into the interiors of the laidback land and we were made to cross a never-ending forest area before reaching the house. As predicted, the house resembled an old façade, chipped off all its beauty. The walls, however, were still not hollow, and the interiors, if corrected, would transform the property into a beautiful home. There was also a potentially beautiful garden at the back entrance and the front walkway directly opened two paths, one towards a hilly road and the other towards the forest. Overall, it seemed to be an agreeable property. I was almost tempted to hamper the selling plans, but I remembered our issues too well to suggest it. Real estate for sale Mexico services was for the property selling too. We came back with pictures and papers of the property and gave the agent the green signal to initiate the selling process.

Soon, our property found its place on MLS Mexico. After three weeks, buyer applicants started pouring in. It took us some time to close a favorable deal, but the property went for a very good price. My father suggested that we invested the same returns on another property, new and relevant to the times. For additional costs, we applied for a housing loan. The agent that we had hired for selling readily agreed to help us with buying as well. He pulled some strings and got our loan approved after which, we scanned for bigger property types that served as amazing getaway homes. After three months, we were freeholders of a beautiful villa, right next to our town

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